Medical Malpractice

JusticeRisk Solutions is the Canadian market leader in placing ATE insurance, which mitigates the potential exposures of Adverse Costs and Disbursements. Our Medical Malpractice policy gives the client financial certainty, protecting the downside of the litigation if the case is lost.

JusticeRisk Solutions’ Medical Malpractice litigation policy covers:

  • Own disbursements, including investigatory reports
  • Opponent’s costs and disbursements
  • Cover provided retrospectively to date of Contingency Fee Agreement
  • Full protection to cover a failure to beat a settlement offer and interlocutory costs orders protection
  • Premium waved if case is unsuccessful
  • Tailored indemnity level to match actual case requirements
  • Deferred premiums, paid only at successful conclusion

Level of Cover

We help you make sure that the Plaintiff gets the right coverage to mitigate any exposures.

  • Facilities available for lawyers that work within the medical malpractice specialty
  • Starting limit of liability is $100,000 per policy, higher limits available if requested
  • Main cover limit is $250,000. Higher limits readily available.

Case Requirements

  • A completed JRS Application form
  • Substantiating evidence: liability and causation reports that show the case has merits to move forward
  • The lawyer must have entered into a Contingency Fee Agreement
  • Client statement available
  • Screening report fee applicable

Premiums are paid at the conclusion of the case, and only paid on successful outcomes.

After the Event Legal Expenses Insurance

After the event (“ATE”) insurance is purchased by individuals involved in a legal dispute and who wish to protect themselves against the cost of losing a case. Policies provide cover for own disbursements and any liability for the opponent’s costs (Adverse Cost exposures).

We know that each client and application is different and we take the time to understand your application and find the tailored solution that best fits.