Personal Injury Insurance

Anyone who has been involved in litigation will know that it can be a costly business. In fact, the potential legal cost involved can sometimes be so significant that it discourages a party from pursuing its legal rights.

The policy is purchased after the cause of a legal dispute has arisen (which is why it is called After-the-Event Insurance). This type of insurance has been available in the UK for over a decade and has enabled tens of thousands of litigants to offset a considerable portion of their litigation cost risk.

Expensions of Coverage

  • Own Disbursements
  • Opponents Costs
  • Cover retrospective to the date of retainer
  • Online case submission
  • No privileged information required
  • Premium only due if case is successful

Standard Limit: $100,000

Premiums deferred until conclusion of the case.

Premium Rates

Automobile claims from $1,350
Non-auto claims from $1,350
(not including taxes)

What can you do to minimize the uncertainties and financial risks? Remove litigation cost uncertainty with Insurance.